Jersey hijab


Jersey hijab

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Jersey hijab:

Breathable fabric , stretchy in length and width, very soft on the skin, Non transparent, no wrinkle, fixed on the head without a cap, no pins required.

It will be your new favorite for daily comfortable looks and for travel as it is practical, stable, easy to control, simple, elegant.


95% Viscose, 5% Lycra

Net Weight for fabric: 240 gr

After trying a variety of measurements, we chose to have the best size ever

‏  70 cm x 200 cm so that it does not uncomfortably fold under clothes.  It’s long when pulled out, and the ends are knitted with a thread of the same color as the hijab so there is no visible fold on the front when wearing it..


‏  We advise:

‏  Wash it by hand or put it in a laundry bag , gentle wash and lukewarm water, without drying.

‏  Treat stains with makeup or oil stain remover.

‏  Outside to keep it Inside out to keep it.


The color in the picture may not match the real color 100% due to the effects of studio lighting in addition to the difference in color saturation of the display screens in phones and computers *

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