Long Classic Underhijab


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Long Basic Cap :

A distinctive and elegant piece, specially designed for women with long hair To completely cover all hair, while allowing hair to breathe,

The cap long is 35 cm, to make sure that the hair is not visible from the back, so that it can be comfortably worn under hijab.

Made of 95% Viscose fabric mixed with a 5% Lycra to add more flexibility to the fabric,

the fabric allows for air flows to the hair in order not to cause sweating, fungi and bad odours, it absorbs moisture so that you feel
comfortable and confident when wearing it.

How To Care By Fabric :

To remove stains, please soak the piece in warm water not exceeding 30°C for a period not exceeding 45 minutes.

Do not use liquid contain chlorine or bleach.

When washing it in a machine put it inside a washing bag choose a gentle wash cycle and warm water.

Do not mix colors together, it may change the color of the fabric.

Do not dry the pieces with a squeezing or steam.

Do not iron the piece with steam, as it will cause the fabric to stretch in a distorted way In the event of ironing,
Please use the iron with a low-temperature range.

* The color may not match the realistic color 100% due to studio lighting effects in addition to the difference in color saturation for phones & computer displays.

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