Hourglass body and what suits it

The hourglass shape is the ideal shape for a woman's body and the shape women aspire to obtain through exercise and diets, some even resort to cosmetic operations until the waist is sculpted and the hips are inflated in order to reach the hourglass body, which takes its name from the similarity with the shape of the hourglass.


To find out if your body shape is the shape of the hourglass, we advise you to bring the measuring instrument used by the tailor and then take the measurement of your shoulders, chest, waist and hips. If the measurement of the shoulders is equal to measuring the hips and the waist measurement is the least measurement in your body, this means that you have an hourglass body shape.


As for the right clothes for you, this ideal body is not difficult to choose what suits its shape, but for a beautiful and coordinated look, we can guide you with some steps that are of interest to you.


First: The appropriate choice is one that is in line with the shape of the body and highlights the waist either with a cut on the waist or a tie at the waist


Choosing clothes that have a color intersection at the waist area, meaning, the shirt in a certain color and the pants or skirt in another color or even choosing a shirt with geometric patterns at the waist area


All jackets, trench coats and dresses go along with the shape of the waist and its size really suits the body of the hourglass. Wearing belts is very suitable for you and increases the elegance of your look because it enhances the appearance of your small waist


Second: For the upper part of your body, all clothes with holes at the neck in various forms are suitable for you and increase the beauty of your look, especially in order we lengthen the upper area. You can choose the V neck cut, but on the other hand we advise you to stay away from clothes with high necklines because this cut visually increases the size of your chest compared to your shoulders


Lines or patterns around the neck and the open chest in the form of the letter V are suitable for you.


Wearing accessories and necklaces with a long chain that reaches your chest enhances your look and suits you well


Third: For the lower part of your body, all the wide pants cuts suit you, on the condition that you give the shape of a triangle from the waist to the bottom. As for the tight pants from top to bottom, which highlights the size of the hips, we don’t recommend it for you because it will highlight the hips a lot at the expense of the waist.


Celebrities who own the shape of the hourglass are Dina Hayek and Marilyn Monroe. You can follow Dina Hayek through searching the Internet. She always wears what suits her and shows off her figure distinctively. By following her, you will know what suits you and makes you look you beautiful and modern.

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