Rectangular body shape and appropriate clothing

 The owner of the rectangular body shape has close measurements in their body, and to know the measurements of your body, bring the measuring tape used by the tailor and measure the shoulders, chest, waist and hips. If all these areas have the same measurement or even a close size, then this means that you have a rectangular body

This shape is often possessed by European women, and they try to show an imaginary waist by coordinating their clothes

As for the clothes that suit the rectangular body shape, the goal here is always to highlight the waist, shoulders and hips through the clothes.

How to highlight the waist:

Pieces that have a belt that defines the waist area, and the belt always draws attention to the waist area and defines it, and this is suitable for women with a rectangular body.

Pieces that have a cut at the waist and are exposed at the hip.

The pieces that have a tie on the side of the waist, that give the shape of an illusioned waist, and they are suitable pieces, and we advise you to choose them because they suit you.

Upper section

Choosing clothes that increase the size of the shoulders means clothes that contain patterns, cuts and details, even shiny fabric or embroidery at the shoulders or a bright color that attracts attention to the shoulder area and increases its size, and this is what we aspire to achieve by in choosing large cuts at the shoulders because this gives the rectangular body a shape close to the hourglass shape by drawing attention to the shoulder area.

The lower section: Here we seek to show the waist and then give volume to the hip area. For this step, we advise you to choose:

Skirts that have a narrow cut at the waist and expand towards the bottom

Wide pants or pants with a narrow cut at the waist and then wide at the bottom

If you want to wear pants with a narrow fit, you can choose them, while paying attention to choosing light colors

Choose clothes that give a shape to the waist, and stay away from clothes that are wide at the waist, because we are trying to give the rectangular body a shape close to the shape of an hourglass, and wide clothes at the waist will keep you away from this look.

Follow celebrities who have a rectangular body shape, such as Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz, because following their fashion choices will give you an idea of how to choose suitable clothes for you so that you can have a modern and attractive look.

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