Triangular body shape and appropriate clothing

Triangular body shape and appropriate clothing

To know the shape of your body, we advise you to bring the measuring tape used by the tailor, then take a measurement of each of your shoulders, waist and hips.

If the measurement of your shoulders is the smallest measurement, then it tends to widen in the waist area, then the hips measurement is the largest measurement, then this means that you have a triangular body shape.

Through our review of opinions and studies regarding fashion coordination, and based on what we gathered for you, we offer you the best results regarding what suits you and fits your body shape to give the best image and look.

What do you have to follow during the coordination of your clothes?

In your case, we aspire to reduce the size of the hips and increase the size of the shoulders. Therefore, in the hips area:

1- Stay away from narrow skirts and choose the models that are a little wide and expand more towards the bottom.

2-Choose wide pants and stay away from narrow cuts at the hips, and you can wear any wide pants, but not excessively.

3-Choose soft fabrics and stay away from thick and rough ones such as wool and thick jeans.

4- Stay away from cuts and frills at the hips

5-Stay away from wide, shiny stripes at the hips

Regarding your upper body:

1- You can wear whatever styles and trimmings you like

2-You can put large and eye-catching accessories

3- Clothes with shoulders and wide cuts from the top

4- Inflated sleeves, such as the story of a balloon, for example

5-Thick woolen clothes

6- Shiny and eye-catching fabrics

In order to enhance your ideas and support your taste with clothes that suit you, we recommend that you follow the celebrities who own your body shape, because of course there are styling experts who arrange celebrity looks to appear in the best image.

For example, global actresses Jennifer Lubbers and Beyonce
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