Summer Breeze was born in 2021, after 7 years of our experience in the field of hijab and modest fashion locally, Summer Breeze decided to launch globally in order to share its products and help to make the life of Hijabi women easier, more comfortable, more beautiful and makes them more confident when wearing it.

Summer Breeze was founded by the Hijabi fashion blogger, Summer Shaker, who shared sharing with her followers her years of experience with the hijab, as she wore it with love from the age of 9, and she thought that certainly every Hijabi woman deserves to find what is comfortable, elegant and modest at the same time. During her career, she found it difficult to find these options when shopping. She thought that is what makes many Hijabi woman not feel confident enough to wear it.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, encouraged and helped us to be here in order for our message to reach with love.

We would like to tell you that 15% of every purchase goes to donations to needy families and orphans. So you also contribute to these donations to spreading giving and love around the world.

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